Postgraduate Research Seminars: Current Topics in Voice Research

This is our colloquium for final years (BSc & MSc) and PhD students, staff members as well as students in our research-orientated small group courses interested in basic and applied voice research. This colloquium is one of several spin-off from the research seminars of the DFG Research Unit Person Perception which had been held until 2016.

Time: Friday, 12.15 – 13.45, Place: Seminar Room JenTower, 18th Floor, Leutragraben 1

Scheduled Talks

  1. tbc
  2. tbc
  1. Romi Zäske und Helene Kreysa
  1. Title tbc., Christine Nussbaum, Jena
  2. Perception of Personality in Voices, Verena Skuk, Jena
  1. „Datablitz“ by Prof. Stefan Schweinberger, Jena
  2. „Exploring the role of timbre information in the perception of homogeneity among simultaneous singers – a pilot study“ by PD Dr. Romi Zäske, Jena
  1. Organization
  2. Experiments on conversational speech synthesis for spoken dialogue systems“ by Jun. Prof. Sina Zarrieß
  1. „Vocal synchrony as an indicator of outcome and attachment in psychotherapy of social anxiety disorder”, by Desirée Schönherr, Jena
  2. „Presentation of the ‚final‘ 10-Minute German-Speech-Understanding-Test“ for usage in our group”, by Verena Skuk, Jena
  3. „Schülerseminarfacharbeit on Voice Recognition 3.0“ – current ideas and brain stroming”, by Verena Skuk and Tine Wulf, Jena
  1. Developing a Self-assessment Tool for Voice Cognition Abilities (VOCA): Work in Progress” by Romi Zäske, Jena
  2. Doubtful Statements – What the Voice Reveals about True Conviction”, Bachelor-Thesis work in progress by Sophie Keller, Jena
  1. „Voices make people, and people make podcasts – The influence of familiarity on perceived personality, pleasantness, and attractiveness of podcast moderators.“ Bachelor-Thesis work in progress by Rebecca Wientzek, Jena
  1. “Pupillometry – a tool to measure listening effort?” by Tobias Oberhoffner
  2. “Distinktheit und physikalische Parameter der Stimme: Eine Explorative Darstellung verschiedener Analyse Vorgehensweisen” by Tim Jesgarewsky
  1. Organization
  2. “Personality in Voices – Presentation and Discussion of Methods” by Verena Skuk, Jena

07.02.2020 – EEG correlates of affective vocalizations, Christine Wulf, Jena

10.01.2020 – The spectral structure of sibilants and the perception of vocal gender, Adrian Simpson, Jena

13.12.2019 – Topic 1: Measuring naturalness of voice Stimuli: Parameters and Challenges, Christine Wulf, Jena

13.12.2019 – Topic 2: Assessing confidence in voice recognition ability with a novel questionnaire based on the Stirling Face Recognition Scale: Part II, Romi Zäske, Jena

15.11.2019 – Topic 1: Multimodal perception of emotional expression in voices and faces by cochlear implant users, Celina von Eiff, Jena

15.11.2019 – Topic 2: Assessing confidence in voice recognition ability with a novel questionnaire based on the Stirling Face Recognition Scale: Part I, Romi Zäske, Jena

18.10.2019 – Discussion of research ideas for upcoming student projects, Romi Zäske, Jena

05.07.2019 – Reading Session: Norm-based Coding of Voice Identity In Human Auditory Cortex (Latinus et al., 2013)

14.06.2019 – A novel voice database of pseudospeech, Denise Humble, Jena

17.05.2019 – Stimmenparameter und Sprechererkennung (geplante BA), Tim Jesgarzewsky, Jena

12.04.2019 – lecture cancelled

08.02.2019 – Paraverbale Merkmale der Depression (geplante Bachelorarbeit), Alisa Shugaley, Jena
Time: 13.00 – 13.45
06.02.2019 – Der erste Eindruck von Stimme und Gesicht: Wann wird er stabil?, Aktuelle Projektseminardaten, Jena
Time: 10.00 – 12.00
11.01.2019 – 1. Stimmenwahrnehmung bei Tinnitus, N. Frisius, Jena
11.01.2019 – 2. Slot to be filled
14.12.2018 – 1. Kinship recognition from voices, Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena
14.12.2018 – 2. to be filled
16.11.2018 – Wahrnehmung sozialer Signale in Singstimmen, Clarissa Wendel and Sina Hinzmann, Jena

13.07.2018 – tbc, Maximilian Wachsmann, Jena
15.06.2018 – Master Thesis: Role of different parameters in vocal affect adaptation, Christine Wulf, Jena
18.05.2018 – Determinanten der Eindrucksbildung über menschliche Stimmen, Helene Kreysa, Jena
27.04.2018 – Vorbesprechung Sprecheraufnahmen II, Denise Humble, Jena
20.04.2018 – Vorbesprechung Sprecheraufnahmen I, Denise Humble, Jena

23.03.2018 – „Ich kann doch hören, dass etwas nicht stimmt“ – Wahrnehmung von Emotionen in der menschlichen StimmeChristine Wulf, Jena
09.02.2018 – Determinanten der Eindrucksbildung über menschliche Stimmen, Helene Kreysa, Jena 
Perception of Emotional Expression in Voices by Cochlear Implant Users, Celina von Eiff, Jena
02.02.2018 – Personality in Voices: Individual Differences in Perception and ProductionVerena Skuk, Jena
12.01.2018 – Testverfahren zur Stimmenwahrnehmung: Eine EinführungStefan Schweinberger, Jena
Testverfahren zum Gedächtnis für Stimmen, Denise Humble and Romi Zäske, Jena
01.12.2017 – Vom Einfluss der Stimmendistinktheit auf die Gedächtnisleistung für Sprecher und SprachinhaltDenise Humble, Jena
10.11.2017 – Stimmenwahrnehmung bei gesunden Hörern mit niedrigen vs. hohen autistischen TendenzenRomi Zäske and Julia Endres, Jena

15.08.2017 – Explicit and Implicit Judgments of Voice Attractiveness and Trustworthiness: Two Pupillometry StudiesHelene Kreysa, Jena
16.06.2017 – Stimmakustische Marker sozialer Angst im therapeutischen KontextElizabeth Hertel, Jena
19.05.2017 – Perceptual and acoustic correlates of gender in the prepubertal voiceAdrian Simpson, Jena
21.04.2017 – Wahrnehmung und assoziatives Lernen von Sprachinhalt und Sprecheridentität – Eine PilotstudieDenise Humble, Jena

03.02.2017 – Electrophysiological Correlates of Voice Memory for Young and Old Speakers in Young and Old ListenersRomi Zäske, Jena
06.01.2017 – Memory for speaker’s voice – the role of facial trustworthinessLuise Kessler, Jena
Project sketch on vocal cues to social anxiety, Desiree Thielemann, Jena
25.11.2016 – Changes in IDS and ADS during parental leave – project sketch and first results of pilot studies, Adrian Simpson, Jena
Acoustic cues to psychological disorders and convergence of prosody in the therapeutic context, Desiree Thielemann, Jena
21.10.2016 – Launch of the Research Seminar: Current Topics in Voice Recognition Research
Relationship between attractiveness and distinctiveness of voices, Romi Zäske, Jena